RelativityOne for Early Case Assessment

Understand your risk from the moment your case begins.

When you’re facing a potential infraction, you need to be quick – and smart. Use RelativityOne's early case assessment workflow to gain insights, analyze risk, and reduce costs early on.

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Save Time & Money Downstream

Reuse your work product.

Use coding decisions and privilege calls from previous work on new cases to save time and grow your intelligence.

Finish up in one platform.

Preparing for litigation? Move quickly through the entire process, all in RelativityOne. Everything you need is right there.

Pay less for the same tools.

Use RelativityOne’s ECA workflow at a reduced data rate. You’ll still get access to all the advanced analytics tools you need – it’ll just cost you a little less.

Easier Work, Faster Insight

Eliminate non-relevant data.

Cull data prior to processing. Use AI to narrow your data set and identify the size of your potential risk.

Uncover trends & potential infractions.

Spot patterns and identify red flags with sophisticated analytics and visualizations.

Understand communications.

Visually explore emails, texts, and chat messages to see what conversations have taken place and when.

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ECA Starter Guide

Use these tips to get a better understanding of your data and eliminate irrelevant information from the start.

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How ECA, Analytics, and Visualizations Uncover Hidden Insights in Your e-Discovery Project

Learn how to scope your project, assess your case, and develop a smart review strategy.

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An ECA Software Primer for Corporate Counsel

Learn how to get a strategic start on litigation and keep your team focused on what’s important.

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